Stereo 3D



In Depth


We understand stereo 3D, and what it can do.


We understand Hollywood does not care about good Stereo 3D, with rare exceptions.


We know the art of Stereo 3D is a wide open playing field that will be developed not in the next year, but the next twenty.


We are committed to expanding the Stereo 3D landscape and discovering and defining what works in Stereo 3D and what should be avoided.  The final goal is to create a roadmap for easy to watch Stereo 3D projects that are as consistent, as they are entertaining.

    There are many elements of Stereo 3D that need to be consistent throughout a project that have, for the most part dumbfounded Hollywood,.  Instead, they have chose to drop quality for content that they can cash in on.  That is not going to change in the near future.  Not until they can make more by creating quality 3D.